On Location

Have you ever experienced a perfect moment? One where time seemed to stand still… where everything else seemed to fall away and you were fully present? If you have, you will likely remember not only who you were with and what was happening, but also WHERE you were.

We have all experienced the magic of place – a location that fills your soul and lifts you up. For me, that place is the ocean. Being near the water energizes me… empowers me… brings me out of my head and into my authentic self.

As an artist whose primary goal is to amp you up and empower you, I want to share that experience with you… to create stunning images of who you are when you are in your element. This may be as simple as coming to your home or business. It may mean hopping a plane and traveling abroad. Or it may simply mean that we go outside into the sunshine – or rain – to get the images we are looking for.

All of my gear is fine tuned to make the most of whatever environment we choose, and I am ready to take the journey with you.

Location Session Fee – 600
(Travel Fees and Expenses Additional)